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About Us


Our Story

We started empowering businesses through technology acceleration back in 2016. We have been synonymous with innovation for six years now. Back then, we started our journey as a basic IT service provider.

Over the passage of time, we expanded our services to multiple areas. Understanding the increasing demands of our clients, later on, we brought several on-demand software solutions with adding SaaS services to our umbrella.

We grew and extended our services from small projects to a sum of different fields with elapsed time. Now, we are honored to produce our exciting experiences in almost every aspect of a business by providing state of the art software solutions.

Eventually, we became a place for the people who are eager to put their thoughts and ideas into their actions to deliver the best out of them. You will find every bit of our services ooze with passion and resourcefulness.

We truly believe in harnessing the power of technology for social good & We are contributing to the betterment and positivity in society by producing in the health and education sectors.

After countless days of hard come smart work and dedication, now TDX Labs is known for delivering matchless and innovative business solutions.

Why we are different

Professionalism, trust, expertise and passion are the words that define us well. From building a software solution to our marketing strategies, we take each and every step with great care, after a full analysis of your business demands.

We prioritize your business growth with our futuristic & innovative ideas. We are not working to earn money but to earn your trust. Passion and compassion are our chosen path towards success that stand us out in this world of competition.

Super Efficient

Power by intellect, driven by values, we work with superb efficiency that leads your business towards ultimate success.

Deeply Commited

We bring positive changes through our commitment. TDX is a place where our commitment meets your expectations.

Highly Skilled

Our highly skilled staff will not let your hopes down at any step in your dream project.

Let’s work together on your next project

Well-trained, highly experienced and skilled professionals are always available to help you out in your dream projects.